Revivogen MD Scalp Therapy Thinning Hair Treatment Set 3x60ml

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Revivogen Scalp Therapy provides a natural approach to hair loss, blocking the hormone closely associated with thinning hair. With no systemic side effects, Revivogen Scalp Therapy is the ideal for both men and women and various stages of hair loss. Revivogen is scientifically proven to reduce production of the hormone DHT (DiHydro-Testosterone), protecting the hair and reducing fallout. With a pleasant aroma, this safe and effective treatment helps ensure a thicker, fuller, healthier head of hair in as little as three months.


▸ Effective and easy to use topical serum formula
▸ Uses nature’s most powerful ingredients to combat thinning hair by blocking DHT
▸ Rejuvenates the hair and scalp for thicker, fuller and healthier hair
▸ No systemic side effects
▸ Provides a comprehensive solution for those suffering from hair loss, combining all known mechanisms of action for reversing the effects of hair loss dermatologist formulated
▸ Uses powerful prescription alternative natural ingredients and a liposomal delivery system to ensure that the active ingredients get to the hair follicle where they’re effective
▸ Natural ingredients utilized have been proven to reduce DHT production, block the androgen receptors, and initiate the hair follicles growth cycle
▸ Ideal for: Hair Loss/Thinning Hair, Weak Hair
▸ Minoxidil-Free, Sulfate-Free, No side effects, Natural ingredients
▸ Tested under dermatological control

How To Use:

▸ Part the hair in the thinning areas and spray directly on the scalp.
▸ Just one or two spray are enough for an area the size of your palm. For a larger area of thinning use 10-20 sprays to cover the entire scalp. 
▸ Massage to distribute the serum to the surrounding areas.
▸ Leave on over-night or apply the treatment during the day leave it on the scalp for a minimum of 3 hours.

When To Apply:

▸ Treatment phase: Use 3-4 times a week, for 12 weeks.
▸ Apply before bed and leave on over-night so you can shampoo, condition in the morning and style your hair as needed.

Active Ingredients:

▸ Linolenic Acid: GLA and ALA Omega fatty acids have been individually proven to inhibit 5-Alpha Reductase (DHT), essential to stopping hair loss.
▸ Saw Palmetto: Saw Palmetto also blocks Type 1 and Type 2 forms of 5 alpha-reductase. Shown to be more potent than Finasteride, the active ingredient in Propecia.
▸ Linolenic & Oleic Acid: Multiple studies have found a mixture of Linolenic, Linoleic and Oleic acids significantly increases total hair fibers and anagen hairs; increasing thickness and scalp coverage.


Alcohol Denat., Water (Aqua), Linolenic Acid (Gamma & Alpha), Linoleic Acid, Oleic Acid, Serenoa Serrulata Fruit (Saw Palmetto) Extract, Ethyl Laurate, Beta-Sitosterol, Caffeine, Vitis Vinifera (Grape Seed) Extract, Tocopherol, Zinc Sulfate, Fragrance (Parfum), Sodium Metabisulfite

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