Janssen Cosmetics Collagen Fair Skin Mask x 2pcs

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Janssen Cosmetics
Janssen Cosmetics

As we age, pigment formation (melanogenesis) increases - irrespective of whether this is due to aging or caused by medication or UV. Dark discoloration and irregular pigmentation are always spurned throughout all cultures.

With its effective brightening concept, Collagen Fair Skin offers an appropriate countermeasure. Collagen Fair Skin's active substances support skin brightening and simultaneously mobilize the defensive system. This enables damage caused by stress factors such as UV light, dryness and heat to be effectively prevented and premature light- induced skin aging to be avoided. The high content of active moisture retention substances also effectively balances out the moisture deficit of hyperpigmented and lightstressed skin.


▸ Actively combats dark spots on the skin
▸ Supports general skin brightening
▸ Promotes an even complexion
▸ Protects the skin cells
▸ Reduces wrinkles caused by dryness
▸ Moisturizing and moisture retaining
▸ Tested under dermatological control

Following skin cleansing and the application of an active substance concentrate, place Collagen Vitamin C onto the non-oily area of skin which is to be treated, preferably moisten with Ocean Mineral Activator and allow to work in for approx. 20-30 minutes. Finally, peel the mask off in one piece. Gently press in any moisture remaining on the surface of the skin. The treatment can be continued with a massage cream, cream mask and/or concluding care.

Note: Always store Collagen Vitamin C in the sealed packaging at room temperature; protect against moisture and direct exposure to sunlight.

Collagen: Moisturizing and moisture-binding, lifts the skin.
Alpha arbutin: Highly-effective, nature-identical active substance; inhibits melanin synthesis in the epidermis by interrupting the complex, multistage process leading to the formation of melanin pigment.
Citric acid: AHA fruit acid with a gentle peeling and skin-brightening effect; supports active substance penetration and promotes a fine skin structure.
Liquorice root extract: Anti-inflammatory and calming; reduces the harmful effect of UV radiation on the skin.
Ectoin®: Biotechnologically derived substance from microorganisms; offers active cell protection and increases resilience against environmentally-related stress factors (e.g. heat, dryness or strong sunlight).
Grape seed extract: Antioxidative property due to its particularly high flavonoid and polyphenol content; serves to protect the cells against free radicals.

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