Janssen Cosmetics Collagen AHA Mask x 2pcs

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Ideal if the skin tends to reveal blemishes, uneven hornification, hyperpigmentation and crinkles.
Fruit acids act like a chemical peeling on the skin. The skin's horny layer, consisting of deal skin cells, is softened and finally removed. Freshly formed cells are now able to reach the surface of the skin faster, whilst active substances are absorbed into the skin more easily.
The Collagen AHA fleece mask smoothes the skin, cleanses it pore-deep, reduces pigmentation flecks and liver spots and stimulates skin cell renewal. The skin's surface structure is left looking younger, fresher and smoother again.


▸ Removes dead skin cells, allows new ones to move to the surface quicker
▸ Smoothes the surface of the skin, leaving it finer and more even
▸ Outstanding deep cleansing of the skin
▸ Moisturizing and moisture retaining
▸ Reduces wrinkles caused by dryness
▸ Lends the skin a silky-matte, even appearance
▸ Tested under dermatological control

How To Use:

▸ Following skin cleansing and the application of an active substance concentrate, place Collagen Vitamin C onto the non-oily area of skin which is to be treated, preferably moisten with Ocean Mineral Activator and allow to work in for approx. 20-30 minutes.
▸ Finally, peel the mask off in one piece. Gently press in any moisture remaining on the surface of the skin.
▸ The treatment can be continued with a massage cream, cream mask and/or concluding care.

Note: Always store Collagen Vitamin C in the sealed packaging at room temperature; protect against moisture and direct exposure to sunlight.

Active Ingredients:

▸ Collagen: Moisturizing and moisture-binding, lifts the skin.
▸ AHA: Alpha hydroxy acid, consisting of 5% lactic acid, removes dead skin cells, stimulates  skin renewal, smoothes the surface of the skin.

93% of 100
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Brands Janssen Cosmetics
Price Range 50 to 150 AED
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Specific Concern Hyperpigmentation
Type Of Product Masks
Skin Type All Skin Types
Key Ingredients Collagen