Froika Anti-Hair Loss Peptide Lotion 100ml

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Froika Hair Loss Treatment Lotion has been created by Froika’s R & D to treat hair loss for periods of intense fall. It stimulates and promotes the growth of new hair Drastically delayed aging and atrophy of hair follicles. It stimulates production-growth of new hair provides energy to increase size & normal function of hair contains nutrients that transfer active ingredients to hair follicles in order to boost hair’s anchoring on scalp.


▸ Reduce hair loss and favors production of new hair
▸ Provides energy to increase  size & normal function of hair
▸ Contains nutrients that transfer active ingredients to hair follicles
▸ Reduce hair loss and favors production of new hair
▸ Stimulates production-growth of new hair  
▸ Ideal for: Hair Loss (chronic, seasonal, reactionary)
▸ Allergy-tested, free of fragrance, dye & oil
▸ Tested under dermatological control


▸ The most common form of hair loss is the ageing of hair follicles (hair roots) as well as the damage caused by the substance of dihydrotestosterone. Testosterone is converted to dihydrotestosterone due to hormonal disorders.
▸ Greasiness plays an important role in the problem’s deterioration, partly because increased amounts of dihydrotestosterone existing in the sebum and secondly because of blocking the pores resulting in hair follicle atrophy.
▸ Another cause of hair loss is the itchy scalps with plenty of dandruff.

▸ Apply Anti-Hair Loss Lotion on wet or dry hair twice a day on the entire scalp emphasizing in problem areas. Massage gently so that product reaches all hair. Do not rinse after use.
▸ Dosage : 1-2 ml (1ml= 8 pressures) by using the appropriate nozzle for your case.
▸ Nozzle spray, in cases where scalp is sparse. Nozzle with extension spray, in cases with dense hair so as to reach hair roots.
▸ Avoid contact with eyes – in case of such problem wash your eyes with plenty of water.

When To Apply:

▸ Treatment phase: Use 2 times a day, for 2 weeks.
▸ Preservation phase: Use once a week in order to preserve the result.

Biotin Vitaminic Tripeptide:  stimulates production-growth of new hair.
Flavonoid Apigenin:  transfers nutrients and active ingredients to hair follicles.
Diguanosine-Tetra-Phosphate: provides energy, increases size & normal function of hair.
Oleanic acid, blocker of DHT –  mechanism responsible for the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone.
Tonic vitamin B complex, involves in hair growth and sebum hyper secretion regulation.
Nutritional ingredients constitute structural elements of hair follicle.

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