Janssen Cosmetics Clarifying Cleansing Gel 200ml

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Mild cleansing gel for oily, blemished skin. With yeast extract for clear, pure skin.

Clarifying Cleansing Gel is a mild cleansing gel which enables gentle but nevertheless thorough cleansing. Mild cleansing gel for oily, blemished skin. With yeast extract for clear, pure skin.
People afflicted with blemished skin often suffer from a compulsion to wash their face frequently. Not infrequently, aggressive cleansing agents are used to do so. The other extreme are users of plain tap water. Both modes of behavior promote acne: aggressive drying out of the skin further exacerbates excessive hornification and therefore leads to the hardening of blackheads, whilst inadequate removal of the skin's surplus oil promotes the extent of bacterial infestation on the surface of the skin. This in turn promotes the
occurrence of rash eruptions.
Particular sensitivity is therefore required to ensure that affected persons regard regular and gentle cleansing as indispensable and daily skin care.


▸ Optimally prepares the skin for subsequent care products
▸ Prevents inflammation, spots and blackheads
▸ Leaves the skin feeling clean, fresh and soft
▸ The skin's surplus oil, horny lamellae and particles of dirt are gently removed
▸ Non comedogenic, Fragrance-free, Paraben-free
▸ Ideal For: Oily, blemished skin
▸ Tested under dermatological control

▸ Gently distribute Clarifying Cleansing Gel over the skin on the face, neck and neckline with moist hands.
▸ Rinse off with plenty of water.
▸ Then treat with Purifying Tonic Lotion.

Tip: Once the skin is free of inflammation, a face brush is optimally suitable for distributing the cleansing gel.

When To Apply:

Can be used daily, morning and/or evening – 7 days a week.

Active Ingredients:

Yeast extract: Enriched with B group vitamins and allantoin, sebum-regulating.
Decyl glucoside (sugar tenside): Naturally-based raw active washing substance.
Allantoin: Supports the natural regeneration of the skin.

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Brands Janssen Cosmetics
Price Range 50 to 150 AED
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Specific Concern Acne/Blemish
Type Of Product Cleansers
Skin Type Oily Skin
Key Ingredients Natural (>80%)