Janssen Cosmetics - Vita Force C Skin Complex 30ml

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Anti-wrinkle concentrate with vitamin C as intensive care for smooth, even skin and improved radiance. Vitamin C works three times against skin aging. The highly effective antioxidant supports collagen formation, acts as a radical scavenger and brightens age spots. Long and short-chain hyaluronic acid effectively moisturize both the surface of the skin and the deeper layers of the skin. Lemon extract refreshes and tones. Vitaforce C Skin Complex is the ideal complement to the Vitamin C Force Cream. Together they smooth the skin and make the complexion glow.


  • For youthful, smooth and more even skin
  • Stimulates collagen and elastin production
  • Neutralizes free radicals
  • Improves the radiance of demanding skin
  • Refreshing effect, pleasant fragrance
  • Protects against premature skin aging
  • Ideal For: Wrinkles caused by dryness and fine lines
  • Made in Germany

How To Use:

Apply in the form of a cure in the morning and/or evening. Remove 2-3 squirts from the dispenser bottle and distribute over the cleansed face. The product is absorbed into the skin without residues. Then apply a day or night cream.

Tip:  If the demanding skin is rather oily, Vitaforce C Skin Complex is also optimally suitable as the sole moisturizer.


Vitamin C phosphate:  Stimulates the synthesis of collagen fibers, improves skin

smoothness, protects against free radicals, inhibits melanin formation.

Long- and short-chain hyaluronic acid: Immediately noticeable skin smoothing and increased skin moisture; reduces wrinkles caused by dryness.

Lemon extract:  Refreshing and toning.

Hyaluronic acid (long and short chain):  Immediately noticeable skin smoothing and increased skin moisture; reduces wrinkles caused by dryness.

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