Janssen Cosmetics Tinted Corrective Balm 15ml

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A corrective cream that makes the spots and pimples disappear faster and prevents the formation of new ones.

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Creamy Tinted Corrective Balm offers rapid aid to affected persons. The skin-colored tinting perfectly conceals blemishes, and familiar pharmaceutical active substances make it the first aid of choice. Dexpanthenol (D-panthenol) has been used in the medical care of damaged areas of skin and hornification disorders for a long time. The formation of healthy skin cells is promoted.

Salicylic acid additionally dissolves surplus horny cells (keratolytic) and effectively combats bacteria (bactericidal). Thanks to the simultaneous application of active moisture retention substances, treated skin is cared for and remains supple.


▸ Reduces the amount of sebum produced
▸ Effectively removes dead skin cells
▸ Has antibacterial properties
▸ Prevents the recurrence of inflammation
▸ Does not contain parabens or chemical colorants
▸ Redness and blemishes are optically concealed
▸ Ideal For: Blemishes, skin inflammation
▸ Tested under dermatological control

▸ After thoroughly cleansing the skin, gently dab Tinted Corrective Balm onto spots and pustules as often as possible and allow to work in.
▸ Then apply the relevant care product depending on the skin condition.

When To Apply:

Can be used daily in the morning and evening – 7 days a week

Active Ingredients:

D-panthenol: Provitamin B 5 (panthenol), stimulates the formation of new cells and ensures improved wound healing, promotes intact skin and increases the skin's moisture level.
Salicylic acid: Opens the pores, dissolves scales on the surface of the skin, softens blackheads, anti-bacterial.
 Bisabolol: Calming.
Aloe vera extract: Calming, clarifies the skin, moisturizing.
Glycerin: Reduces trans-epidermal water loss.

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