Janssen Cosmetics 2 Phase Melafadin Concentrate 4X10ml

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Intensive 40-day cure for the start of a skin-brightening treatment. Active substance concentrate in 2-phase ampoules with vitamin C phosphate (powder phase) plus lipoamino acid, SORR and mulberry tree root extract (liquid phase).
Application is intended as a treatment for a radiantly beautiful and flawless complexion. 4 x 10 ml bottles are required for approx. 40 day treatment course. The skin appears brighter as the regeneration cycle progresses. The practical pipette cap offers an optimal dosing aid. The fluid ingredient extract can be used generously to treat the whole face or used in drops for targeted skin brightening.


▸ Intensive 40 day treatment to start off a skin brightening treatment
▸ Highly effective skin brighteners with each ampoule freshly prepared for a 10-day treatment
▸ Inhibition of melanin synthesis
▸ Practical dosage form
▸ Does not contain parabens or chemical colorants
▸ Non comedogenic, Fragrance-free, Paraben-free
▸ Ideal For: Skin brightening
▸ Tested under dermatological control

2-Phase Melafadin Concentrate is a 40-day course of treatment. The content of one ampoule is sufficient for approx. 10 days and consists of a powder and a liquid component. Both components are mixed prior to initial application. To do this, simply press the red button on the sealing cap forcefully. The vitamin C powder drops into the activator fluid.

When To Apply:

As intensive treatment: Apply approx. 1 ml of the solution to cleansed skin every morning and evening.

Powder phase:

Vitamin C phosphateStabilized ascorbic acid; stable in water; is transformed into free vitamin C on the skin by the skin's native enzymes (esterases); inhibits melanin maturation.

Liquid phase:

 Lipoamino acid: (INCI: undecylenoyl phenylalanine), effective skin brightener, verifiably blocks the α-MSH receptors on the surface of the melanocytes.
Plant extract SORR: Highly-active extract consisting of Siegesbeckia orientalis and Rabdosia rubescens; inhibits melanin absorption into the keratinocytes, has a soothing and antioxidant effect, promotes an even, radiant complexion.
▸ Morus albaExtract from the roots of the white mulberry tree; inhibits tyrosinase and stabilizes it in its inactive from.

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