Ginkolium Lipid Replenishing Body Lotion 200ml

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Ginkolium Lipid Replenishing Body Lotion 200ml

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Moisturizing cream is considered a nourishing and healing treatment for dry skin. It preserves moisturizing of the skin and more specifically protects and takes care of the face and body, makes the skin look fresh and bright, it gives it full comfort, suitable for sensitive and dry skin.


- This 24 hour Re-moisturising lotion,which is a water in oil emulsion,is highly concentrated in active moisturising and lipid replenshing ingredients as well as the exclusive Ginkgo biloba extract
- The protective and restructuring properties of Ginkgo Flavone 40, combined with nourishing emollient agents, help to restore the hydrolipidic film and soothe the skin
- 6 high tolerance face and body treatment care that provides extreme comfort to very dry or atopic sensitive skin
- Nourishing and healing treatment for very dry to atopic skin
- For very dry to atopic skin

Active Ingredients:



Ginkgo Flavone 40 - Anti-radicals, Anti-elastase activity -Vaso-regulator -Activates collagen synthesis

Glycerin - Nourishing & protection

How To Use

Moisturizing creram, Apply the cream to moisturizes and softens the body and face, placed on your dry skin, as it can be use as need it and at any time.

When To Apply

Use it on your lips as often as necessary.

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